THC Welding, Providing Stainless Welding to Paso Robles Wineries And Breweries, Announces New Website

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–THC Welding, provider of stainless welding to the Paso Robles area announces the launch of a new website by Access Publishing. The company meets the specialized stainless steel welding needs of wineries, breweries, and distilleries for stainless steel tanks, pipes, sanitary pipe welding, and catwalk fabrication.

“Our new website showcases our services and how we meet the specialized needs of the winery and brewery industries,” said owner Toby Heer who has been doing precision welding since 1998, and founded THC Welding in 2006.

The company’s services include:

  • Installations, stainless welding, sanitary pipe welding, catwalk, stairway and other platform fabrication, tank modifications, repairs, hoppers, filters, process lines and other types of welding needed by the winery and brewery industries.
  • Sanitary pipe welding is a precise process that requires pipes to fit tightly to preserve the quality of and meet industry hygiene standards. This means no leaks or waste and nothing in the workmanship that allows particles to collect and contaminate the product.
  • Catwalks, stairways, and platforms allow access to areas that would otherwise not be safely accessible. Well-designed and constructed catwalks and platforms are highly important to monitoring fermentation processes and providing access for cleaning, and they must be constructed and installed according to safety regulations and building codes.

Stainless steel is a standard material for product-contact processing in the wine, brewery and distillery industries. Correct welding techniques are critical for smooth and tight welds and experiences with welding stainless steel are highly important to achieving the necessary tight welds.

The expertise THC Welding brings to the Paso Robles wine and brewery industries is one more step in helping producers maintain the start-to-finish quality they work so hard to achieve. THC Welding works closely with clients to deliver trusted quality at a fair price.

“We work closely with our clients,” said Heer. “We know that timely work, installations, expansion, and repair are critical. We help our clients develop project timelines that meet their needs, evaluate every stage of the project and deliver on time to everyone’s satisfaction,”

THC Welding serves all sizes of wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries in the Paso Robles area.

THC Welding
4740 Tower Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 400-4127

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