Why is stainless steel welding important?

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Speaking from welding experience that started in 1998, Toby Heer, owner of THC Welding in Paso Robles, specializing in stainless steel winery welding, “All welding is important. Stainless steel requires an extra level of skill,” said Heer.

Stainless steel is frequently used by industries that produce consumable goods such as wine, beer, spirits and food. The characteristics of stainless steel make it the perfect choice for sanitary processing required to prevent contaminants getting into the final product. Different metals have different properties which makes them respond differently when heat is applied. Welding is the process of melding joints of metal into a seamless, impenetrable joint. The joint needs to be as strong, or stronger than the metal, must be leak proof, and in the case of stainless steel, free of pits or other welding anomalies that might trap contaminants that can spoil the final product.

The skills that are required for quality stainless steel welding might surprise most people. The skills require science, patience, a good eye and precision:

  • Welding is a science. The welder must understand the nature of the metal, especially how it reacts under heat.
  • Joints that are to be welded need to be clean and fit together almost seamlessly without the weld. The better the fit, the better the weld.
  • Welding introduces another metal component, called a filler, into the joint. The welder needs to know which types of filler work the best with stainless steel.
  • The right amount of heat needs to be applied to the entire stainless steel joint to meld the joint with the filler. In a non-technical explanation, the welding flame changes the structure of the stainless steel on each edge of the joint and the filler so they become a single, seamless joint.
  • Too much or not enough heat can create a poor quality join, or none at all.
  • Attempting to weld incompatible metals will also be unsuccessful and cause expensive delays.

Stainless steel is a standard material in the wine, brewery and distillery industries. Correct welding techniques are critical for a smooth and tight weld. A smooth tight weld is critical for trouble-free processing from start to bottle.

Roughly welded joints lead to pitting and poor fits that contribute to trapped particles causing contamination, leaks, and joint failures. The expertise that THC Welding brings to your stainless steel welding projects is one more step towards helping you maintain the start-to-finish quality of your hard work.

Serving distilleries, breweries and wineries in the Paso Robles area with top stainless steel welding, THC Welding services include:

  • Brewery and distillery welding
  • Winery welding
  • Sanitary process welding
  • Catwalk, staircase and other platform fabrication and installation
  • Tank installation and modification
  • Hoppers, filters and process lines
  • Pipe welding
  • And more

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